Pepper White Clubman S

This potentially could be my next MINI that I will order next year. It has all the options I’d like, but also have black side stripes as well. The interior is the standard black leatherette, I might be changing that to the cloth interior like I had on my 2004 MCS. 6 speed manual tranny, front driving lights (when I added the front black driving lights on miniusa website they didn’t come in right, so I left them off), silver stripes on roof, but I might order custom ones from cooperflags I just need to find out if they can provide me with pepper white color stripes, that would look a lot better I think. I do like the way the JCW aero kit looks like. I did see it in person on the Rally edition Clubman and it looks great! I didn’t order a sunroof, but I did get the cold weather package (it gets cold here in Michigan) as well as the convenience package. I decided to skip the sport package and the premium package. The black 17″ Crown Spoke rims with the performance  tires look awesome on this MINI,

but I will have to order some snow tires for the winter here in Michigan, most likely with a set of steel rims… black of course 🙂 I’m sure next year or maybe even tomorrow I’ll have a different idea of how my next MINI should look like, but for now I’ll stick with this one. Motor On!


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  1. #1 by clarke on 2009/12/06 - 21:06

    btw, I saw your earlier post on the JCW. $34K seems a bit high for a used with 7k miles on it. I bought mine new in July for about $33, with all 3 packages on it. (I have about 7k on mine now)

    btw, I’ve just updated mine, with a winter setup;

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