MINI Countryman pre-order

I have a bit of news concerning the MINI Countryman. We all now by now that the Countryman (R60) won’t hit the US shores till the beginning of 2011, but that’s not stopping MINI dealers from taking names of interested people in the MINI on a list. As of today, I’m one of those people that gave Motor City MINI a deposit and in turn they put my name on a list, so when time comes to place an order on the Countryman, I’ll be one of the first to place an order on it. I’m really excited about this and can’t wait till the day I order my Countryman. Now all I have to do is figure out what color and what options to order. Once you’ll be able to build your own Countryman on website, most likely I’ll be on the site everyday trying to figure it out. So if you know you want a MINI Countryman and want to be one for the first to order one, contact your local MINI dealer and ask if they have a list going. I’ll be posting more info as it comes in. So it’s official, I’ll be getting a MINI Countryman next year.

Be sure to also check out my nxtMINI podcast I started, on there Andy and I will be talking about MINI’s and their competitors or the lack there of.. in the US at least.  Till then, Motor On!


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