2011 MINI Cooper JCW

2011 MINI Cooper JCW has some changes, mostly cosmetic on the outside and inside. This JCW as shown in the above picture could potentially be my next MINI. I’ll be building one online as soon as MINIUSA updates their website to build a 2011 MINI. I love the color combination black with chili red roof. From the press release, it seems that the red roof will be available across all colors in the JCW line only. Not sure how it will look on any other color, but I’ll be playing around with that when the time comes.

Another thing I’m looking forward to having in the MINI is MINI connect. This will integrate the Apple iPhone in to the system and you’ll be able to control your phone from the screen.. how cool is that. Recently in Michigan a texting while driving ban went in to effect and it’s possible that if you really have to text someone, the system will help you do that and read the message to you. Once I know more on that and any other MINI info I’ll post it here and on nxtMINI.com If you happen to be in Michigan while reading this, go to www.michiganmini.org and check out some MINI events that are happening in the state. Motor City MINI will be holding an event on July 29, more info to come soon. So keep that date open! Speaking of Motor City MINI, the JCW WC50 has finally arrived there and it’s not spoken for yet! So go down there to see this beauty in person. I’ll be taking some pictures of it as soon as they have it detailed. Till then, Motor On!


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