MINI performance motoring school


This sounds really exciting. For almost $1000 you can get trained at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Below is the official press Release from MINI USA. Motor On!


  • First performance driving program ever at Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Instruction from professional race car drivers
  • Program fleet exclusively uses MINI John Cooper Works Hardtops

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey – March 27, 2013… MINI USA has partnered with Miles Ahead to launch a performance driving program called ‘MINI Performance Motoring School.’ Hosted at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway beginning in the summer of 2013, the program will consist of performance driving instruction from internationally accomplished professional race car drivers, and offers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a 2013 high-performance MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop. The Miles Ahead training will take place on the infield road course at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The MINI Performance Motoring School gives enthusiasts a unique opportunity to learn performance driving skills in an iconic motorsports venue. The program includes exercises for slalom / handling, precision braking, skid control, timed sector runs and instructor-driven hot laps. The John Cooper Works engine is MINI’s performance model, with a 208-hp twin-scroll turbocharged engine paired with technology developed for precision handling and responsiveness, making it the perfect MINI model for this thrilling driving experience.

“This program combines an amazing experience with learning skills that can be critical behind the wheel every day on the main roads,” said Jim McDowell, Vice President – MINI USA. “It is for the fans who really want to experience what a MINI is capable of doing, as well as test and refine their own motoring skills. The iconic track setting is an added bonus.”

The new MINI Performance Motoring School is an extension of MINI’s partnership with Miles Ahead, which was established in 2011 to offer a teen driving intensive for new drivers. Created by Indy 500 veteran, Stephan Gregoire, and business partner Ted Woerner, Miles Ahead works to address the disproportionate number of collisions, injuries and fatalities involving teenage drivers.

Miles Ahead is the only driving school in the 104-year history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway licensed to conduct driver training on its grounds. One car per student in the MINI Performance Motoring School program ensures a full day of behind-the-wheel exercises, and classes are capped at 14 students to ensure ample attention and guidance from the instructor team.

“The MINI Performance Motoring School is fun, yet informative, teaching a range of invaluable skills,” said Gregoire. “The sessions, which are expected to appeal to individuals and businesses alike, include instruction on skills that are rarely taught in traditional driving lessons, but need to be called upon in emergency situations on the road. It also provides ideal preparation for those interested in doing track days or even those who have just wanted to really put themselves to the test behind the wheel.”


The international team of instructors is made up of some of the world’s most accomplished race car drivers, including Alex Lloyd, Stefan Wilson, Dan Clarke, Stephen Simpson, Zach Veach, Dillon Battistini, Ryan Lewis and Miles Ahead founder, Stephan Gregoire – a seven-time competitor in the Indianapolis 500, and a four-time competitor in both the 24 Hours of Le Mans and 24 Hours of Daytona.

The one-day program is $995, and class dates are available from June to November 2013. A double-up option is available for an additional $250, allowing a participant to share the driving time with a guest in their vehicle. Corporate event sessions of the program are also available. All participants must be over 18 and have a valid driver’s license. For more details about The MINI Performance Motoring School or to reserve a spot in one of the summers sessions, go to the Miles Ahead website at


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    It sounds fun 🙂

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