Here are some of my favorite links pertaining to Mini Coopers and photography. If you know of any that are not listed, send me an email or post it in the comments and I’ll add it to this page. Thanks.

    MINI Cooper related links: <– if you need parts, your MINI fixed or just make your MINI faster. <– the main site of Mini Coopers <– a Michigan MINI club

Motor City Mini <– where I ordered my 2004 Mini and where I’m going to order my next Mini
Cooperflags <– a website with various decals for Mini Coopers
Mini Mania <– We Specialize In Mini Cooper Parts and Mini Cooper Accessories <– Here you can order custom license plates
MINI Cooper news, reviews and opinion <– MINI Cooper news
MINI Advertising info <– An interesting article about advertising MINI
MINI Motorboards <– we need this in Metro Detroit. I’d be driving by it daily.
North American MINI community <– for MINI owners and enthusiasts
MINI United <– Unite with fellow MINI owners
MINI on Facebook <– Become a fan of MINI on Facebook
MINI Space <– This website is a hub for connecting creative people, events and projects
MINI videos on YouTube <– here you’ll find various videos on MINI, some of their ads too <– an Atlanta one-stop shop for MINI aftermarket parts, installation, service, maintenance, and repair

MINI Cooper boot liner <— MINI Cooper R56 boot liner

Family car gear <— various car accessories for MINI and other vehicles

    Photography related links:

Photofocus <– a great photography website with various information for photographers
Tips From The Top Floor <– The free show about all things photography with Chris Marquardt
PetaPixel <– a blog about photography geared towards tech-savvy digital photographers

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